Happy Valentine’s Day

So, its been awhile.

RL really can get in the way of things.  I had all these plans for my stories but then started getting busy with stuff and those plans fell by the wayside.

Unfortunately, my work is cyclical (academic) so things really ramp up for me in August/September and February/March when I was really starting to hit my stride with my stories.  Furthermore, my sister is getting married next month so that has sort of taken over my life a bit as well.

All of that to say, my writing has suffered.

BUT – I have recently sent through 2 updates on my story Elikapeka to FF.net.  I haven’t had a chance to update wordpress and probably won’t until this weekend.  I am trying to get back into a rhythm of writing to get more updates done because I have clear ideas of how this story is supposed to go as well as ideas for tons of other stories.  The list of started stories is kind of ridiculous as this point.

I am going to try though.  The last couple of snow days have helped a lot with that.  😉

So, until I am able to update wordpress feel free to check up the updates here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12118828/1/Elikapeka

Have a Happy V Day!



Chapters and A Muse on Crack

So I have another chapter finished for my Hawaii Five-0/Twilight crossover.  This chapter was a bit difficult to get through since it is a transition chapter.  I wasn’t sure how to structure it.  Ultimately, I am happy with what came out.

The next chapter is a bit more exposition and details.  The meeting with Cath.  I have feeling it is going to be a monster chapter.  I have started it and already it feels like the never ending chapter to me.  Once it is all written we will see how I end up editing and posting it.

So here is the chapter: Elikapeka – Chapter 4

I have also had my muse go a little crazy for this other idea that came up.  I was recently re-reading some ‘Bella/Cullens read Twilight’ fanfiction and I got the idea about putting that in the Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Mysteries series.  I absolutely fell in love with the idea but ran into a couple of issues.  One, I haven’t read the series since the last book came out.  Two, I didn’t read the last book, nor the first book for that matter.  The last book because I was sooooooo pissed at how the series was ending.  The first book…can you guess?  Right, I hate Bill!  I think that answers that.  I read the Wikipedia synopsis and felt prepared to move forward in the series.  So how do you write a story where the main character is supposed to read these things that you haven’t?  Do I have to read them now?  Can I get by and create a quality story without reading them?

Then, what should change and what shouldn’t?  I mean – obviously – she ends up with Eric much sooner and with fewer temper tantrums.  Keep Lafayette.  But then we run into  the True Blood territory a bit.  For the most part I preferred the books to the tv shows.  There were a couple of things the shows got right, Lafayette, Godric…anything else?  Well, casting Alexander Skarsgard, obviously.  Not much else in my opinion.

So, staying with the book series is an obvious choice for me.  But I have TONS of questions I need the answers to before I start writing it.  It is going to be one of these mega stories I am going to take forever to write.  I know.

So in the mean time I will be working on all my other stories that I have going, pending and started.

I hope to have the next chapter of Elikapeka out by the end of the week.  But I promise nothing.  It is the beginning of school and all the kiddos are back tomorrow so my brain will be fully engaged at work.

Next weekend I am going to concert out in San Diego so won’t be able to really work on anything.  I am super excited to see Kaleo.  They are a band from Iceland and I have recently become obsessed.  Any new chapters will be coming after that trip.

New Story!

So you saw the sneak peek I posted of the new story I am working on.  I have now posted a couple more chapters and working on a new one.  I’m not sure how many chapters this is going to end up being, so stay tuned.

My goal is to have it finished by the end of September.  I sat down today to sort of flesh out my plan and how I see it going.  Fingers crossed it all comes together.  There are a couple of plot points that I am still debating how they are going to work, so I expect it may be slow going to finish but I have the next couple of chapters fairly planned out.

Things are going to be crazy at work so I don’t think I will be as productive but thankfully there is a holiday weekend next week I am planning to take full advantage!

Let me know your thoughts about: Elikapeka

Sneak Peek….

So I have been writing across a couple of different fandoms this summer.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Hawaii Five-0 are the new ones.  While the Buffy has taken over a bit in the last month or so,  I have a crossover Twilight/Hawaii Five-0 story that I am getting back to so I can hopefully have it complete within the month.

I am going to post, what is basically the 1st chapter below.  Let me know your thoughts!  The title of the story is: Elikapeka.


“Steve, the Governor’s office called while you were out.  Some high profile singer is coming to the island next week and they want Five-0 to do security for it.” Danny called as Steve walked back into HQ.


“Why didn’t they call me?” Steve asked


Danny a little confused by the lack of reaction given the current state of the case they were working replied, “They did.  I guess you didn’t answer and so they called me as the backup.”


“OK” Steve replied as he headed to his office.


“REALLY!  OK, that is all I’m going to get?  Why aren’t you more upset about this?  We are in the middle of a murder investigation that has been torture from the get go due to lack of evidence.  We don’t need to be wasting our time being security for some pop princess who is nervous about a few threats!” Danny ranted as his hands flew around his head.


“Wow, brah.  You need to calm down.” Kono interjected from the table.


“Danny, the Governor is our boss.  He asked us to run security on this.  He know’s our primary objectives and strengths I have to believe that he has a good reason for his request.” Steve returned calmly, “As for our current investigation, I was actually on the phone with Max and he was able to narrow down the window of the TOD with Charlie’s help.  It is looking like the wife is implicated in the murder.”



“Oh my God!  Danno, did you hear that Isabella is going to be performing in Hawaii this month?” Grace exclaimed as she got into the car.


“Is that right, Monkey?  Who is Isabella?” Danny asked distractedly as he pulled back into traffic.


“She is only the best singer ever!  Not only is she is amazing but she does TONS of charity work too.  She isn’t one of those shallow singers either.  She actually volunteers for the charities she donates to too!” Grace gushed.  “She is going to do a concerts for the public at the Blaisedell Arena but also doing a concert exclusively for the military at Pearl-Hickam.  It was just announced today that the tickets are going on sale at the end of the week for the public concert.  It is going to be Friday, May 27th.  The Pearl-Hickam concert is going to be Sunday, for Memorial Day.  I really hope I am able to get tickets!”


‘Ah, well the phone call from the Governor’s office made more sense now.  Coordinating security from the public venues to the base would be more easily handled by Five-0 given Steve’s background than HPD.  Maybe I should have listened a bit more closely during the call’, Danny thought as the dots connected for him.

“Well, let’s see what we can do about getting tickets.  Memorial Day is something I wanted to talk to you about Monkey.  I know it is our weekend and mom is going to be in Vegas with Step-Stan, but I was told I am going to have to work part of that weekend today.  Given this new information, what if you see if you and your friends can plan a sleepover for that weekend on Friday?  I assume your friends are just as excited for this news as you!” Danny proposed. He didn’t want to tell her exactly why he had to work until he had more information.  Thankfully, Steve called the Governor’s office back that afternoon and had a meeting scheduled with them tomorrow afternoon while the rest of them wrapped up the paperwork from the case.


Grace looked sad as Danny told her about his need to work that weekend but brightened right up when he offered a sleepover as an alternative.  


“We had already been talking about it.  I was going to ask if we could hold it since it was our weekend, but Kealani was also talking about having it at her house.  I’ll text her now and say that she can have it at her house.  Kealani, Stacey, Rose, Mahina and I were all talking about it today.  They were going to go home tonight and ask their parents if we could have a sleepover and go to the concert on Friday.” Grace told Danny.


“Well, I am OK with the sleepover on Friday and I will talk to your mom when I drop you off about the concert.  I also know Uncle Steve wants to have a barbeque on Monday afternoon too.” Danny agreed as he punched in the code for the gate at Rachel’s house.


As Rachel opened the door, she looked surprised that Danny was getting out of the car.


“OK Monkey, why don’t you go in and start your homework while I talk to Mom.” Danny told Grace as he released her from the hug they shared at the door.


“Daniel, how can I help you?” Rachel inquired.


“Well, first Grace wants to go to a concert at the end of the month.  Isabella is coming to the island to perform and Grace and all of her friends want to go.  They also want to have a sleepover that night.  I told her I would talk it over with you.  It is my weekend with her, Memorial Day weekend but I wanted to talk to you about it.  I was just informed I am going to have to work on that Friday night.  Five-0 has been called into handle security for Isabella.  I told Grace I had to work on Friday night so was OK with the sleepover.  I haven’t told her why I have to work until I have more details.  What do you think about Grace attending a concert?  I assume we will liaise with the other parents.” Danny informed Rachel.


“Why was Five-0 called in for security and not HPD?  Is there some type of threat, because if so I don’t want Grace to go.” Rachel probed.


“I don’t think there is a threat.  But, like I said I don’t have all the details.  We got a call from the Governor’s office today saying we were in charge of coordinating her security on the island. Grace told me she is also holding a concert at Pearl-Hickam on Sunday exclusively for the military and their families, so I assume it is because of that we were put in charge.  With Steve’s connections on the base it will make it easier for us to liaise then HPD.  Steve has a meeting with the Governor’s office tomorrow to get more details.  Thankfully we just wrapped a case today and will have some time to devote to this.” Danny explained.


“OK.  I guess that does make sense.  But, please keep me informed if there is anything I need to know.  Who is going to hold the sleepover?” Rachel asked.


“I always do Rachel, even when it doesn’t look good for me.  You know that.  Kealani wants to have it and since I won’t be around that night Grace let her know it was fine.” Danny answered.


“Well, I have no problem with the sleepover.  They will be starting summer holiday the following week anyway.  It would have more impact for you.  As for the concert, as long as Kealani’s parents go or one of the others I don’t have a problem with it.  I would feel better if one of us were going, but if you are going to be there anyway it should be fine.” Rachel told Danny.  “How are they going to coordinate the tickets and who is going?”


“I don’t know.  Grace said the girls were going to go home tonight and talk it over with their parents.  The tickets go on sale on Friday, so I would say we can speak with the parents tomorrow night to plan who is going and how to get the tickets.  Since Grace has cheering with the girls tomorrow, maybe you can speak with them when you pick her up?  Does that work for you?” Danny questioned.


“Yes, I will do that and let you know what is decided.” Rachel agreed.


“OK.  Do you want to call up to Grace, so we can let her know?  I am sure she has been texting her friends for updates.” Danny asked.


Rachel nodded and motioned for Danny to follow her into the entryway.  “Grace! Please come down here” Rachel called.


“So?” Grace asked as she came sprinting down the stairs.


“Your father and I have talked it over and have agreed to let you go to the concert with your friends.  But, we have to speak with your friends parents since I am going to be away and your father has to work.  You are not going to be allowed to go without parental supervision.  I assume since Kealani has volunteered to host a sleepover one of her parents will be going, but we want to discuss it with all of the parents.  Since you have cheer with the girls tomorrow, I will speak to their parents then and plan a bit more.” Rachel told Grace.


“Oh my gosh!  Thank you so much!  It is going to be SO AMAZING!” Grace squealed.  “Kealani texted me earlier and her parents are on board with a sleepover and the concert.  We are still waiting to hear from Rose and Mahina.”
“I’m glad you are excited Monkey.  I will be speaking with your mom tomorrow after she sees the other parents.  We will get it worked out.  I have to head out now.” Danny interjected.  Grace ran over and hugged her father.  “Danno loves you” he whispered.  “Love you too!” Grace replied.

Busy Bee this Weekend

I was a busy bee on Sunday.  As promised, I have updated the site with the new story.  You will have also notices some superficial changes to the site as well.

I was getting bored with how it was formatted previously.  When I set up the site originally, I tried a couple of different formats and themes, and chose the one I hated the least.  But at that point I didn’t really know what I was doing with it or how I was going to be structuring it.  Having it up for over a year now, I know more about what I like and not in keeping it updated and how it looks.  Thus the changes I made.  I hope you like it!

I also updated things on FF.net, so it is all up to date there as well.

I didn’t get much writing done.  Saturday I went to a concert and didn’t get home until very late.  So on Sunday, I had one of those exhaustion hangovers.  It was enough to get the site updated.  I am hoping that with my schedule becoming a bit more regular I will be able to devote some more time to writing and actually getting parts of stories published.  I am thinking of adding a ‘here is what I’m working on’ section so you can get teasers.  Or I my just do those in standard blog updates.  Have’t decided yet.  I may post a bunch and then do a poll to see where the most interest is for me to focus on.  Lots of ideas coming up lately.

Let me know if there are any thoughts on what I am thinking about!

Update…& a Story!

I have been meaning to post a bunch of things here for awhile now.  Life just keeps getting in the way.  Well, life and my beach going.  If I have a choice between sitting inside on computer updating my online world and sitting reading on beach working on my tan, sorry but the beach wins every time.

I am so excited to be back on a coast and be able to spend my weekends enjoying the sun, sand and water.  It has been a long time since I have been able to literally spend at least 1 day a week at the beach and I have been soaking it all up.  Since I work in higher ed, summers are slow.  So I have also been able to adjust my schedule to have Fridays off for the last month or so.  So Fridays and at least Saturday or Sunday is spent in my chair in front of the water.  This has been great for my muse.  The story ideas are flowing and I have been working on tons of new things, but that usually happens during down time at work 😛 and since updating has to happen from my personal computer the blog and actual writing has suffered.

But I did have time to enter another Kittyinaz Challenge for the month of June.  I have the story to load here and FF.net.  Big news….I won 1st place!  I was hoping but totally shocked when it happened.  I am super proud of the story and what I put together.  The ideas had been percolating for awhile, but nothing had really come together for it until the writing prompt.  It is also the 1st story I have written over 5,000 words.  It is actually over 10,000 words and complete to boot!  I have stories that will end up being longer than this but they are being written in parts and aren’t quite ready for the public yet.  Click below to go to the story…

Reinkarnasjonen by WordTravelGirl

I promise this weekend I will also load it to the site for people to read.

So, I have also been working on some other plot bunnies that have been stirring this summer.  As you may have guess, I do a lot of research and plotting out of my stories before actually sitting down and writing something out.  This is especially true when I feel like the story has the potential to go to a significant length.  I read a lot of fanfiction, and one of my pet peeves is when a writer isn’t consistent with characterization, plot or canon changes.  For the most part, I willing to go with whatever a writer has come up with.  If you have gotten me to open your story and start reading and I am willing to read whatever you put down as long as it makes sense for the world you are creating.  Characters can be OOC, the world can be AU or canon – whatever, but it should make sense for the story being written.  I think I probably take it to a whole new level when I write my own especially because I tend to write AU.  The sliding doors effect, what if possibilities intrigue me and the crossover aspect.  What the ramble is supposed to be saying is that I have a lot of things plotted out but nothing significant written in these stories that have come to mind this summer.

As my published stories imply, I write significantly (and read) Twilight and Vampire Diaries/The Originals fanfiction.  No surprise there, but I also read a whole lot of Veronica Mars (jenwin23 & lateVMlover on FF.net have some FANTASTIC series – if you are interested), Hawaii Five-0 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer fiction too.  And of course all those cross over stories – there is one with Buffy and Snape from HP which is particularly entertaining (Life in Sunnyhell)!  I have been fans of the series but have never written anything…until now!  Not Veronica Mars though.  I can’t see myself writing anything in that fandom because (1) I have read some AMAZING stories in this fandom that I could never even compete with and (2) I haven’t ever quite gotten the voice of the characters to write them.  All those writers know, it is one thing to read and see a character to know what is truthful for them it is another to actually work with them as your own character.  Not there yet for VM.  Hawaii Five-0 and Buffy, yes.  The Hawaii Five-0 I have both a crossover with Twilight, Bella specifically that has been entertaining to write.  It was one of the firsts I started on this summer and actually has the most written for it.  I have an AU non-crossover story as well but nothing written.  Tons of plotting for that one though.  There are timelines to work out, military promotions and all sorts of other things.  That one is not ready for writing yet.

The Buffy stories…well there are a bunch of bunnies floating around.  There are two though that I have been working on the most.  One that actually has come stuff written for it, I actually brought a notebook and wrote parts of the story long hand…WITH A PEN because the idea just wouldn’t leave me alone.  I had to get it written down.  The other is like my other story…plotting, plotting, plotting! Like so many of my canon stories I pick one detail to change but the butterfly effects on what that means for the canon changes are overwhelming.  The additional challenge for Buffy is that it has been quite awhile since I have been some of the later episodes so I have to re-watch stuff to make sure the changes work or what else has to change to make it work.  AND – its a Buffy/Angel change, so what does that mean for the Angel series.  Again, re-watching to see what needs to be realigned with what I have thought up.

So that is the update on where I have been and what I have been doing.  This weekend I plan to load the new story here as well as on FF.net.  I am also going to be doing some writing for all the stories I am juggling.  I may post some samples as well for you to check out and let me know your thoughts!

I’ve been missing…

2012-03-18 17.19.44

So, I moved in August and since then life has taken off for me a bit.  This has meant that real life has sort of gotten in the way of my writing.  Being back in MA has been fantastic.  I have been able to reconnect with my family and spend tons of time with them.  I have also been able to get a job, which is something I had been searching for for over a year.  Thankfully, the search is over and I was able to find a job within my field.  It isn’t exactly what I hoped to be doing but I get to work with some amazing people at a great institution.  I was actually able to get 2 jobs.  I work part time as well.  It is just 1 night a week and occasional weekends, but it means that there is less time to do all those things that I was doing while I wasn’t working.

Not only has my writing suffered but working out, and other things that I had all the time in the world to devote to while job searching.  But like last year, it is that time of year when I try to start or re-start making healthy choices.  So I have cracked down on myself about going to the gym and eating healthier.  (I had been doing so well until the first of the year on that one) But now is the time to start anew.

So, my new plan is to devote at least one night a week to my writing.  All my plans for the stories I had going were pushed aside in the flux that happened in my life.  I am going to have to re-evaluate where I left things and where I want to go.  Thankfully, I make copious notes while I am writing to make sure I don’t lose anything that I have thought of.  But the momentum I had going has definitely lapsed.  But I am going to start working on my multi-chapter story again.

I also have a number of other ideas that were noted down and I want to see where they might take me.  I have seen a number of people who have done a year of one shots, which is a great idea.  I am thinking about adopting it for myself.  However, rather than one for every holiday I would do one for every month.  This way there isn’t as much pressure to do multiple one shots in a month.  This will also let me explore some of the other fandoms I have discovered in fanfiction.

I will confess that while most things were pushed aside during these recent months, my reading is not one of them.  So I have discovered even more fanfiction pairings that I can’t wait to play with in my own writing.

The other major development which has taken some of my time is that my sister is getting married next year in South Africa and I have been helping her put together ideas and organize things so she feels things are under control.  Then I found out my best friend is getting married next month.  So the last 2 months have been dedicated to helping her.

It has been a crazy 6 months.

But I hope to do better about prioritizing this next year.  It is going to be just as busy but hopefully not as chaotic.  I won’t make any promises about story updates but I will try to post more here so you can at least hear from me.

Feel free to leave comments!